Sunday, May 10, 2015

Iconic Mom Moments

Photo via Pinterest
by Julia Suazo

We believe being a mother is a bigger-than-life undertaking, how more so when made evident to the world? We round up 7 iconic mom moments we love to date.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


She's a daredoll. She does as she pleases; playful yet grounded.
She ransacks through her grandmum's chest of clothing treasury and struts them down the street headlong, almost without a thought. Something about her cat-like gaze and those lazy wavy locks. Something about how she rocks a stiff-brimmed hat over an old concert tee. She makes time for details. Always. I mean, can't you tell? Look at that graphic ring around her finger.

She speaks in fragments. Her words are ever-poignant.
She will blow you away with her beautiful thinking.

A dream pop track deflects in the air. Her chunky lucite heels go-a-clicking. She ain't the finest lookin' dame around but is someone I swear I love watching. When she danced, she shook everything.